The number of leads you receive will depend on your broker status and how many lead access packs you purchase. Even when lead access packs are purchased we can’t guarantee how quickly you will receive the leads - this will depend on a number of factors, such as the number of deals you have selected on your dashboard, the radius of your service area (both of which can be edited in your dashboard), your response time, reviews, and success rate.

We would advise to first check if you have any overdue leads that need updating. Any flagged leads will tell our system to put a hold on your account for a period until you add a remark and limit you from receiving leads. Try to keep overdue flags at a minimum to almost none. Poor success rate will also reduce the number of leads our system will generate to your account.

By default, the system will flag your lead if it has been over 7 days since you last updated a remark. The best way to avoid this is to set a reminder with a date and time underneath the remark. The ‘set reminder’ option allows you to schedule a remark over 7 days.

As an example: You contacted the client on 1/09/2016. You set a reminder to contact client 2 weeks later on the 15/09/2016. The new lead goes from ‘new’ to ‘Qualify’. By the 8/09/2016, the system will not flag your lead. Our system will generate new leads for you as this lead has not been flagged.


Where a client has requested a call outside the 12 hours time frame, we require you to drop an email introduction with your credit guide to the client with a message that you will be in touch at the time specified by the client. Often client forgets about Hashching by the time you call them or enters incorrect date while filling the form on mobile. By dropping an email introduction or text to the client, the client has your information and can contact you before the specified time. We do require you to notify the system within 12 hours of the lead assignment that you have dropped an intro text or email to avoid the lead getting reassigned to a different broker.

Alternatively, you can simply specify your intentions with the lead in your remark before contacting the client within 12 hours of the lead assignment.

We advise you to be patient with clients. No answer by client could be due to temporary unavailability, the client being on holiday or other circumstances. Please inform our support team (support@hashching.com.au) if you are having difficulty contacting the client after 3 attempts in a week and we will be happy to provide you general tips and advice.

If you have confirmed that the number does not belong to the client, add a remark to inform us that the lead details were incorrect and close the lead as unsuccessful. We will then investigate the lead and mark a note on your account, updating our system about the reported lead so this does not impact your future leads and conversion rate.

When you receive a lead, there will be a ‘request documents’ button present. Once clicked, you can select any required documents needed from the client, including Fact Find. When the client sends through the documents, you will be notified and will be able to download the documents. For more details, please refer to page 4 of the Broker Quick Start Guide.

Hashching provides you secure access to the documents that you can download anytime from Hashching dashboard. All the documents are stored in an encrypted format and can only be accessed by you. Hashching Admin has the right to re-assign the documents to a different broker where the client has requested a different broker or your lead gets re-assigned.

Our system will automatically remind your client to send all documents to you until the lead status is 100% so that you do not have to chase them. You can check the status of documents by navigating to the status bar in the dashboard and by clicking ‘View Documents’.


We currently have 100s of active brokers dealing with 100+ lenders on our platform.

Yes. You do not need permission from your aggregator to join our platform as the leads are generated by Hashching.

Please navigate to the Broker Sign Up page. Once you register, your details will be assessed. Please note that we only accept business email addresses. If your registration proceeds to the next stage, you will be sent a confirmation email with a Broker Referral Agreement. You will then need to electronically sign the agreement. Once the agreement is received, we will send out an invoice with details of your monthly prepayment to your business email address. Once we receive payment, your account activation will be completed with access to our dashboard where you will receive new leads.

Your base subscription will be charged each month in advance, and can be ended at any time. Lead access packs are not charged automatically; at the beginning of your subscription and each time you reach the lead allocation for your broker status you will be given the option to purchase a lead access pack. If you select to purchase lead access you will be billed immediately, and will be eligible to begin receiving leads as soon as the payment has processed.

You will have full access to our platform, a full profile that will be accessible to consumers and can be reviewed by your clients, broker support and access to leads.

We provide the following services with your subscription:

  • Online and offline advertisement of your home loan deal and profile on Hashching and other partner platforms including social media by Hashching
  • Regular promotion of your business profile on Hashching to build awareness for your business. Please note that premium ad promotion on our website or email newsletter is not included and will be charged at an additional cost, if requested by you.
  • Verified badge allowing you to answer user questions on our website to build trust and generate leads
  • Secure log-in access to Hashching with complete profile page to upload your logo and business details
  • Access to custom CRM Dashboard for easy management of leads with regular reminders
  • Request consumer documents securely from Hashching dashboard with offline chat and SMS alerts
  • FREE unlimited access to customised Hashching Property Reports for your consumers
  • Access to Mortgage Broker Directory listing with profile details displayed

Good performance equals more qualified leads that you’ll get. We reward top brokers for their performance. There’s an opportunity to become a premium broker if you achieve a minimum 10% conversion and maintain 3 reviews of 4 stars or higher from at least 5 leads. Here are some handy tips:

  • Update leads regularly. There’s an option to set reminders to help you.
  • Try to keep flags at a minimum to almost none.
  • Provide great service and get your clients to review you!
  • Strive to offer and settle the best rates for your clients – they come first!

Hashching doesn’t offer the ability to purchase leads, but we do allow our brokers to access our customer’s details and negotiate with them directly. When you purchase an access pack you are purchasing access to the contact information of a number of leads. When those leads settle you will need to pay a commission to Hashching of 0.22% (incl. GST). Hashching has an expected settlement rate of 10% for the leads we provide to our brokers.